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TEA & TWEED - Brewing with style

How do you purchase from Tea & Tweed?
1) Simply drop us a comment with the item name and colour and your e-mail
2) A payment invoice will be sent to your email account shortly (except when the item is sold out)!
3) Please make your payment within 24 hours to avoid cancellation of your order.
4) After verifying your payment, we will mail out your order within 3 working days.
Orders mail out on weekends or by registered mails will take a longer time to deliver to your house.

Payment Details
1) Payment must be made within 24 hours or else deal falls through. If you are unable to do so, please inform us in advance.
2) We accepts POSB/DBS bank transfers and personal cheques only.
3) Payments by ATM transfers have to be accompanied with a CLEAR Snapshot of your receipt.
4) I-banking users : Please provide your name & ibanking nick, name of item purchased, amount transferred, date and time of transfer.
5) Due to limited stocks, all items are based on a first-come-first-serve system.

Postage Details

Normal mail : $1 - $1.50 per apparel, $2.50 for light bag & $3.50 for heavy bags
Registered mail : An additional SGD $3.24 for postage within Singapore.
Combined shipping is an additional S$0.50 per item.
For registered mails, we need to make special trips down to post offices hence the price.
We thank you for your understanding!

Terms and Conditions :
1) TEA & TWEED will not be responsible for any lost packages. Registered mails are encouraged.
2) Prices are non-negotiable. No refunds, reservations or exchanges are allowed.
3) Due to our busy schedules, we dont do meet ups. We thank you for your understanding.
4) All dead buyers would be blacklisted.

Tea & Tweed Labels :
1) VINTAGE : Specially sourced and imported vintage goodies. Only one piece in stock for every vintage item!
2) PREMIUM : Items that are premium and made of good quality material with intricate design, all specially sourced and imported mainly from Japan and Korea!

Happy shopping with us!
Do join our mailing list for first hand news and private events! ;)

Love ♥,
Tea & Tweed

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